AFA Stakeholder Ferrellgas Encourages Use of Clean Autogas on Earth Day

Overland Park, KS (April 22, 2011) -- Autogas for America stakeholder Ferrellgas Partners, L.P., one of the nation's largest propane distributors, urged consumers on Earth Day to consider propane as a green energy source that can significantly reduce the nation's carbon footprint.

"We are facing an unprecedented environmental challenge, and we think it is important to educate consumers on environmentally friendly alternatives to their everyday home energy needs," said George Koloroutis, President of Ferrell North America and Senior Vice President of Ferrellgas. "Earth Day 2011 is the perfect opportunity to generate awareness about propane as an alternative fuel that can help every citizen make a positive impact on our environment."

Water heating accounts for 15 to 25 percent of residential energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Converting to propane for water heating and home heating not only reduces your home's carbon footprint, but also saves you money. Propane:

  • Produces 68 percent less greenhouse emissions than electricity,

  • Cuts water heating bills by up to 60 percent compared with a standard electric model, and

  • Is a proven source of energy for air conditioners, outdoor grills, fireplaces, appliances, pest control, irrigation pumps and fleet vehicles.

Many propane furnaces and water heaters also qualify for tax credits and incentives, decreasing the cost of installation. More and more, service providers are relying on propane for their energy needs and providing an easy way to be green.

  • Schwan's Home Service, the nation's largest online grocery store and home delivery service, runs almost all of its fleet of nearly 7,000 trucks on propane and has since the late 1970s.

  • Yellow-Checker-Star Transportation, the largest taxi fleet in Las Vegas, has run entirely on propane since 1981.

  • Super Shuttle, a nationwide, shared-ride airport shuttle service, currently operates 15 passenger vans that run on propane autogas in the Phoenix area, and they have an additional 20 vans on order.

  • Prosper Independent School District (Dallas Metro area) utilizes 47 Blue Bird propane autogas-powered buses that consume approximately 175,000 gallons annually.

Ferrellgas Partners, L.P. is a Fortune 1000 company and, through its operating partnership, Ferrellgas, L.P., serves approximately one million customers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Ferrellgas employees indirectly own more than 20 million common units of the partnership through an employee stock ownership plan.



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