Autogas for America launches "Alternative Fuel Fact Brief" series online

5/19/11 -- Autogas for America launched a new series of informational “Fact Briefs” that compare and contrast today's most popular alternative fuels. The first in the series, “American, Abundant… and Affordable?”, analyzes the viability of using natural gas (specifically, compressed natural gas) for light-duty vehicles. In addition, a complete cost comparison between propane autogas and CNG is provided. Meticulous research went into writing the brief, though it is visually engaging and easy to digest.

The Fact Briefs are designed to educate readers and alternative energy followers about key aspects of the most popular alternative transportation fuels today. Compressed natural gas (CNG), ethanol, plug-in electric vehicles, biodiesel, propane autogas, and others are scheduled to be part of the ongoing series. Each paper will be accompanied by informative graphs as well as an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of that fuel.

The first Fact Brief can be downloaded from the Autogas for America website on the "Resources" page. This and future papers will be published on American Fuel Facts blog as well.

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