AFA stakeholder AmeriGas commends introduction of Propane GAS Act of 2011


June 1, 2011 -- Last week, the Propane Green Autogas Solutions Act (“Propane GAS Act”) of 2011 (H.R. 2014/S. 1120) was introduced to the House and Senate. This legislation would extend existing tax credits for the purchase of propane autogas as a motor fuel, the purchase of propane autogas vehicles and the installation of propane autogas refueling infrastructure through 2016.

AmeriGas would like to thank Senators Blunt and Stabenow and Representatives Boren and Rogers for the introduction of this Act. This is a critical component to the continuation of the momentum that AmeriGas and the propane industry overall is currently experiencing with on-road fleet vehicle propane use. The passage of this act would be a tremendous asset to fleet operators as they continue to see the significant return on investment and excellent overall vehicle benefits that propane powered vehicles provide.

Approximately 16 million vehicles run on propane autogas worldwide and that number is growing each month. Currently propane is the third most popular motor fuel only behind unleaded gasoline and diesel. Propane autogas-powered vehicles produce lower particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions than traditional gasoline powered vehicles, all without the reduction in a vehicle’s range or power that other alternative fuel sources traditionally experience.



About Brian Grimm

Brian Grimm is the Director of National Accounts & Autogas at AmeriGas.

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