Autogas for America debuts new video, "Is Natural Gas an Affordable Vehicle Fuel?"

6/02/2011 -- Autogas for America has launched a new video, asking viewers the question - "Is Natural Gas an Affordable Vehicle Fuel?"

Following the publication of the first 'Alternative Fuel Fact Brief' titled “American, Abundant… and Affordable?”, the autogas advocacy group created a complimentary video as a visual summary of the Fact Brief. Like the paper, the video compares the affordability of propane autogas vehicles with the high cost of implementation for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

According to American Fuel Facts, "This animated short video looks at the real cost of natural gas vehicles and infrastructure as compared to propane autogas."

Like the Fact Briefs, the videos produced by AFA are designed to engage viewers and alternative energy followers by illustrating key aspects of the most popular alternative transportation fuels today. Compressed natural gas (CNG), ethanol, and plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) are slated to be featured in papers and in subsequent short videos.

This video, as well as all other videos produced by AFA, can be viewed at the group's website on the "Resources" page.


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