Texas county to save an estimated $61,000 with autogas vehicles

Dec. 5, 2012 -- A new propane filling station opened Thursday in Williamson County.

The county received grants to pay for the conversion of two dozen county vehicles and the construction of countywide propane fueling sites. The county will have 31 propane vehicles when all the conversions are completed. In addition to the Round Rock fueling station, fueling stations are located in Georgetown, Cedar Park, Florence, Taylor and Granger.

The county estimates this will save taxpayers $61,000.

Benefits of propane include the reduced environmental impact of propane emissions, cost savings of propane fuel compared to the average cost per gallon of gasoline, and reduced number of oil changes required.

In addition, propane is 97 percent North American produced, with one-third of the propane supply being produced here in Texas.


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