In this respect the WLPGA runs its annual Good Practices Award to recognize outstanding achievement in the promotion of good industry practices. The winner is presented with their trophy during the annual Global Technology Conference which takes place during the World LP Gas Forum, which this year will be held in Bali in September.

The Good Practices Award is based on two WLPGA guides, initially drafted about eight years ago but recently revised and updated. Guidelines to Good Business Practices in the LP Gas Industry and Guidelines to Good Safety Practices in the LP Gas Industry have been translated into several languages, and the guides have been used as benchmarks for improving safety and business practices in the LP Gas industry all over the world.

“The award recognizes individuals or organizations who demonstrate compliance with the best practices recommended in the guides” says David Tyler, WLPGA director, who is based in Australia.  Tyler explains how the Association, through the award, is seeking submissions that apply good practices in the LP Gas industry through the application of the advice given in the guides.

“The award is presented for the best example we receive from an organization, company, or individual who takes the documents and, let’s say, ‘walks the talk,’” says Tyler. “They put into practice what they learn from the guides.”

This year the WLPGA is delighted to announce that the winner of the award is the Alliance AutoGas. Founded by the nation’s largest independent propane company, Blossman Gas (based in Asheville, N.C.), Alliance AutoGas is a national consortium of more than 50 partners.  Alliance partners include premier equipment providers, certified conversion centers and an expansive network of Autogas fuel providers. The Alliance AutoGas complete program for fleets puts a particular focus on safety training and technical support for customers making the transition to clean Autogas vehicles. President Stuart Weidie is also CEO of Blossman Gas and founder of Autogas for America.

David Tyler, Director, WLPGA and Stuart Weidie, CEO, Blossman Gas

How Alliance AutoGas represents Good Practices

Alliance AutoGas makes it easier for U.S. vehicle fleets to switch from gasoline to clean propane (LP Gas) Autogas through a complete program that not only includes vehicle conversions, fueling and fuel station installations, but also puts an important focus on providing safety training and ongoing technical support. It is the only comprehensive program of its kind in the nation to ensure such a thorough Autogas education for fleets.

Beyond basic training, the Alliance AutoGas program provides the technical, safety and ongoing support fleet customers need to be successful, including:

  • Operational training for drivers and other personnel
  • Autogas safety training for operators, drivers, technicians and other personnel
  • Autogas fueling training for drivers and other personnel
  • Any necessary maintenance training
  • For larger fleets, Alliance AutoGas certified conversion technicians can also train the mechanical team to perform in-house conversions

Fleet customers always have the help they need, when they need it, with ongoing aftermarket service and support from Alliance AutoGas certified conversion centers and fueling partners. The Alliance conversion system utilizes the Prins VSI System, which is efficient, proven and backed by both a warranty and a nationwide network of support providers.

Alliance AutoGas is helping hundreds of fleet vehicles across the U.S. make the switch to propane (LP Gas) Autogas through this unique complete program that guides fleets through every step of the process.

The WLPGA is pleased to recognize this important initiative with the Good Practices Award 2012.


For more information visit the Alliance AutoGas website to read/watch fleet testimonials