EPA Certifies 6.0L GM Propane Engine Used in Collins NEXBUS

Customers could soon get their hands on the latest alternative fuel offering in the Type A small school bus market after the EPA added to its 2010 certification list the sequential fuel injection gasoline engine that powers the Collins NEXBUS Propane vehicle.

“As the leader in the Type-A school bus industry, it’s essential to deliver innovative products that meet our customers’ demand for clean fuel alternative vehicles,” said Kent Tyler, president of Collins Bus Corporation.

CARB testing is ongoing and approval is expected by this summer, announced CleanFUEL USA, which developed the liquid propane injection system, or LPI.

The new 6.0L GM engine, the first certified with the propane option, utilizes the patented Icom JTG Technology System manufactured by Icom North America, which promises the same horsepower, torque and performance as gasoline-powered engines. But, according to EPA tests, it produces 87 percent less hydrocarbons and 50 percent fewer toxins than regular gasoline.
CleanFUEL said its system performed 25 percent better than comparable gasoline and diesel engines tested against current EPA standards, and the engine also reported zero in particulate matter emissions rate.

The Collins NEXBUS Propane is on display later this week at the Southeastern Convention and International Propane EXPO in Atlanta.

Collins also offers a hybrid-electric NEXBUS, which is already on the market and in use in Napa Valley, Calif., and in Durham School Services operations in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas.

- Ryan Gray

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