Rental company launches LPG vans

New rental company Auto LPG Vehicle Hire has launched LPG vans targeted at business fleets looking to reduce fuel costs.

The company, which is based in the midlands and delivers countrywide, plans to expand its three-van fleet as demand increases.

It currently rents vehicles to local authorities and businesses so they can sample the fuel economy for themselves.

It points out that on average, to refuel a diesel Citroen Berlingo van costs £68, filling a converted LPG Berlingo is estimated to cost £17 pounds, which potentially means savings of 75%.

Rental costs are also below competitors at £125 a week. The rental company also offers to convert current vehicles to LPG.

There are over 1,400 LPG refuelling stations in the UK.

The new provider offers extra rental benefits including insurance, vehicle support and no congestion charge in London.

With electric cars taking much of the attention as the clean vehicle alternative, there is a concern that there may not be a place for LPG fuelled vehicles in today’s fleet market.

“Electric cars are still an unproven vehicle, the LPG option has been proven to be cleaner than the equivalent fuel and much more cost effective,” responded Oliver Roberts, co director of Auto LPG Vehicle Hire Ltd.


- Debbie Wood

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