Red Top Showcases Propane Vehicle to Cabinet Secretary

Arlington-based Red Top Cab recently had the opportunity to detail Virginia’s efforts at converting taxicabs to propane fuel in front of federal officials.

Red Top last year was the first cab company in Virginia to convert a gas-powered vehicle to propane Autogas, and in July showcased the vehicle at a Richmond event featuring U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

“We’re doing our part to shift from foreign-oil dependence,” said Red Top president Neal Nichols. “We are excited to invest in a domestically-produced fuel that will lead to U.S. energy autonomy.”

Red Top, which operates a fleet of 350 cabs in Arlington, anticipates converting 100 vehicles to propane through the Virginia Clean Cities initiative, administered by James Madison University.

Statewide, the initiative aims to deploy nearly 1,200 propane Autogas vehicles. The propane is a byproduct of natural-gas extraction, and produces 20 percent less carbon than gasoline.

- Sun Gazette Staff

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