Autogas vehicle technology is available now.

The U.S. has an expansive infrastructure of Autogas fueling stations already exceeding 2,500 stations across the country and growing daily.  As the U.S. Department of Energy continues to incentivize alternative fuel development, the Autogas fueling network will continue to expand.

Autogas vehicle technology is established, proven and endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency in several vehicle applications.  Autogas vehicles are available for OEM equivalent purchase, as well as aftermarket vehicle conversions for both dedicated and bi-fuel systems.

Autogas has proven to be a cleaner, safer and cheaper fuel than gasoline or diesel. Numerous countries have been leading the way in advancing Autogas-powered vehicles – the United States is not among them. According to studies released in 2005 and 2009 by the World Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (WLPGA), the global propane industry authority, the U.S. Autogas market has remained largely unchanged over the last decade. In contrast, most countries saw a substantial increase in Autogas vehicles, even those that had little to no Autogas vehicle market in 2000.


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