The refueling process for Autogas is comparable to that of gasoline:

  • Autogas vehicles achieve approximately 85-90 percent the miles per gallon of gasoline
  • Time required for refueling an Autogas vehicle is comparable to that for gasoline

Many Autogas suppliers provide an on-site fueling station for Autogas-powered fleets

Because propane requires a lower storage pressure than CNG:

  • The cost of infrastructure implementation is lower
  • Tank size within a vehicle can be much smaller


Vehicles that run on propane Autogas achieve comparable performance to gasoline-powered vehicles:

  • Autogas vehicles receive a miles per gallon average that is much closer to that of gasoline than other alternative fuels (i.e. CNG, Electric)
  • Autogas substantially reduces vehicle carbon emissions without sacrificing performance
  • Running a vehicle on Autogas reduces vehicle maintenance, extending engine life
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